The Problems of the Anime Community

For myself and for a lot of people watching anime was among the best memories of their childhoods. In my case Gundam Wing, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Beyblade, Medabots, Flint the Time Detective, Dinozaurs, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Outlaw Star and Shinzo. I don’t like any of these shows any more (apart from Medabots but Medabots Damashii is only OK) and with the internet has come contact with other people, often a bad thing in my life. As with any entertainment what is usually supposed to be a nice escape from the real world is too often an overrated offering with nasty fans fighting over stupid things and lowbrow, disposable, prolefeed bread and circuses distraction with endless prequels, sequels, reboots and remakes.


The amount of scare quotes used in the anime community is annoying as heck. I’ll refer you to this post I made if you don’t know what postmodern (philosophy) is.

Morton’s fork

When somebody likes an anime its fans treat this as being because the anime itself is well made. When somebody doesn’t like an anime however it’s somehow their fault; if it’s a lowbrow anime the fans’ attitude is ”You just need to switch off your brain” while if it’s a highbrow anime the fans say ”You just don’t get it” and then don’t bother to explain what it is you supposedly don’t get. Either way it’s your fault for not liking the anime. Can’t the fans consider the possibility that actually their anime isn’t that great and their standards are too low?

Sub v Dub

Anime fans go furious about the whole sub v dub debate but I don’t even see the point of it. The animation, plot (usually), character development etc. stay the same. It isn’t even a zero sum game either; DVDs or whatever people watch now have enough room for both of them. I really don’t understand the constant need of people to pit one thing against another.

Crummy Reviews on IMDB

Almost all of the reviews of anime on IMDB are just comments with a star rating. 2 line uninformative posts often saying ”BEST ANIME EVER 10/10!” Reviews this short and lacking insight aren’t worth the time it takes to type and post them.

Yaoi fangirls

These people are so annoying that even people who don’t mind yaoi (on a moral level) can’t stand them either. If they stuck to YAOI anime that wouldn’t be so bad but they don’t. They dogpile an anime fanbase, wreck it with their fanaticism and then move on to another fanbase. (Not just the first video in the playlist, please watch his whole playlist.)

For goodness sake, the majority of manga listed on anime planet were yaoi or shonen-ai. That a genre so full of mindless hedonism is so popular is sickening.

If a young male character so much as does one nice thing for another young male character then they’ll treat this as evidence that they’re gay in their fanfictions and images. Old men and women don’t get the same treatment because motivated reasoning.

Shonen Fanboys

This is kind of a dead horse by now with what a doing they get from elitists but I’ll go ahead anyway. A lot of anime are nothing more than hot women and action and so people watch it and go ”Yeah! Hot women and action!!111!!!!” and have a fanatical love of the anime although it has nothing else going for it, another disposable, forgettable anime that’s way overhyped.


The vast majority of anime is lowbrow fare for children; there are very few highbrow anime so really there’s nothing to be an elitist about. For all their criticising lowbrow anime for being bad, which it often is, I haven’t seen a good highbrow anime, not one (though in the late 00s Serial Experiments Lain was my joint favourite anime along with Chaos; Head. Nowadays I think Lain and Chaos;Head are OK.) Shonen fans can be idiotic a lot of the time but that’s no excuse to bash them so much or brand anyone not agreeing with you a shonen fan. A lot of the time when elitists praise a highbrow anime they think that because it’s confusing it has depth when really it’s just confusing. The psychologising late in the Evangelion TV series was there because of a lack of money and no other reason. They needed to reuse footage so they got all psychological and the fanboys then think that it means Evangelion actually was a smart show so it makes them feel smart so it ended up being the most overhyped anime ever.

Roriconfan/That Anime Snob and his cronies

At some point you’ve seen so many trees that you just have to admit you’re in a forest. Roriconfan on the other hand, instead of just admitting he doesn’t like anime and finding something else to do, seems to feel the need to keep reviewing anime and giving a bad rating to most of them. His nastiness got him banned from myanimelist and youtube as well as comment banned from anime planet. Instead of accepting his well deserved punishment he started another youtube channel and had his attack dogs do his dirty work on anime planet. One of them asking me ”Can you tell who you mean by snobs?” (I had said on my anime panet profile* that I don’t like snobby anime fans and I wasn’t referring to him specifically but the fact that his crony thought I was is evidence of how many people don’t like roriconfan and rightly so with his smug atheism on top of anime snobbery) and another going ”Yeah snobs like you” the sort of lazy, tu quoque rubbish that doesn’t debunk the accusation I had made that I’d expect from fanatics in a political argument or new atheists (like roriconfan) in a religion argument, not from people on a website about escapist entertainment, man people take anime far too seriously**. He is the Chris-chan of anime fandom; he gets knocked down but he gets up again but he doesn’t fix what knocked him down in the first place (himself) so he just gets knocked down again. Someone give him the Todd speech from Bojack Horseman.

Stupid politics

Whether it’s the alt right using anime memes to spread their vile outlook or pointless politicising by socially liberal types (like this article, ha! She says she tries to be objective but then uses the term sex-negativity which is a liberal framing term) politics helps to ruin yet another thing.

* Ow, I was even worse for complaining then than I am now.

** Speaking of being insulted I didn’t appreciate Bennett the Sage asking in I think it was a 2013 podcast of his ”Who’s the motherfucker that keeps saying Oh I hate this show?”. Sage, nobody was saying they didn’t like the show, I was saying it wasn’t as good as it used to be but I know now what hell so called Channel Awesome were going through at the time so it’s not so bad. Still, don’t call people that, especially when they never called you a name. As for Todd in the Shadows saying to somebody who was surprised that some song made it into a video of his about the best something or other that ”You suck!” well that was just nasty and do I think he was talking about me.

Man, the anime community. Y’all need stoicism.

Hmm, this rarely updated, rarely viewed blog is now 5 years old. Yay, I guess.

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Magical Thinking



The anti theist who loves to claim that we need to end religion as a means to end problems in society, is kidding themselves. No doubt there’d be a range of evils that wouldn’t be perpetrated for religious reasons. But there would still remain a swathe of horrid influences on humanity that have little to do with religion. Some examples that come to mind are sexism, misogyny and racism just to name three.

“But, but, but religion justifies sexism, misogyny and racism!”, I can hear the antitheist say. It does in many instances. But of course sexism, misogyny and racism are alive and well outside of the influence of religion. As an example, think about the sexism and misogyny being called out in atheist circles by feminists and their allies. If ending religion was some magical solution to gender inequality, wouldn’t you expect to see this reflected in literally the…

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Lack of Belief Literature 


Richard Browning at A Clear Lens, wrote acritique of atheismthatI chanced upon via Twitter recently. He briefly mentions the kind of atheist that I often find online, passionately arguing with religious people about how wrong they are. When anything negative is said about atheism, when atheism is compared to religion or claimed to be a religion, or even when it is said to be a worldview, they proclaim “atheism isjust aa lack of belief in gods”. This bothers me. Not because I think it can’t be true for some. There are no doubt atheists, who simply lack a belief in gods. But usually if you meet an atheist online claiming “atheism is just a lack of belief in gods”, you are bound to find them openly demonstrating that at least for them, atheism is much more than that.

As an example, take the admins over atWe Fucking…

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10 Steps to an Edgier Atheism


Making a mark for yourself can be difficult at the best of times. But you just try doing it when you belong to a relatively small bunch of people known as atheists. It’s incredibly hard! But you know, what we lack in numbers, we can make up for with Edge. 2017 is nearly upon us and if 2016 taught me anything about atheism, it’s that the Edgy inherit the earth.

Here’s 10 easy ways to add a little Edge to your atheism in the New Year.

1. Refer to God as Sky Fairy or Sky Daddy.

Christians get maaaad when you call their god a Daddy or Fairy. Adding the sky part is just the icing on cake. You’ve got to make it seem like all Christian adults hold an image of God that most Christian children barely even subscribe to.

2. Refer to the Bible as the BuyBull.


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Five signs you may be neurotypical


As you may know (and as I have previously mentioned) April is Asperger’s Awareness Month. But have you ever wondered whether you might be neurotypical? If so, here is an unpublished would-be Derby Telegraph article to get your teeth into:

Out of every 10,000 people, around 36 of us have Asperger’s Syndrome. As it happens, I am one of that 36. Having been diagnosed aged nine, I am well familiar with many concepts – true and false – associated with the condition. Poor social skills and physical co-ordination? Sadly, yes. Literal minded and obsessive? In some cases. Lack of empathy and emotion? Well wouldn’t life be easier if that were true. But do you know what it means to be neurotypical?

If the above statistic is anything to go by, it seems that 9,964 out of 10,000 people are neurotypical. This means that their brain is scientifically proven…

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Anatomy of a Smug Internet Atheist Edeglord

My internet experience can basically be summed up by what happened this morning; I went looking for something not about religion but stumbled across some fanatical internet atheist (which isn’t simply an atheist who’s on the internet) shoving his hatred of religion into it anyway. Hardly anything apart from the infamous aalewis reddit post (”In this moment I am ecstatic” etc.) has summed up the problems with new atheism in so little space.

  1. Lumping Other Things They Don’t Believe In With Religion

The crummy behaviour of the internet atheists not only puts me off of new atheism (the fanatical, negative, nasty atheism of Dawkins and co.) but also the things that often go with it, namely humanism, skepticism, so called freethinking, postmodernism, the alt right and socially liberal attitudes to abortion and gay marriage (although with the last 3 they’re only further putting me off of things I didn’t like anyway).

The internet atheists’ lumping religion in with Harry Potter, the flying spaghetti monster (the gold standard of puerile strawmen) and whatnot just makes me think that the mind of a skeptic functions like this; ”I don’t believe in x and I don’t believe in y so x is y”. Arrogance is the word for that. What is the guy doing with his tweet except arrogantly lumping ALL religions in together and with fiction, while not actually bothering to tell us why the religions are supposedly wrong? I can’t speak for every religious person (well nobody else can either so whatever) but as far as I’m concerned my being in a specific religion doesn’t mean the others are of no value; it’s not Twilight Struggle where we win and you get nothing, rather it’s the Olympics; all entries have their differing levels of ability and some even make the podium but only one person or team gets the gold. You can think somebody is wrong, even dead wrong while not thinking it’s a delusion or some comforting fairytale to get idiots and wimps through the night.

2. Assuming That How They See Religion Is How Religion Actually Works

They might think the religious doctrines or whatever is just ”a matter of perspective or opinion” but that’s mixing up how sola scriptura fails (sola scriptura is a Protestant doctrine that means one’s doctrines can only come from the Bible yet the Protestants have differing views on theology even though they mostly or all believe in sola scriptura) with how religions actually work. In Catholicism for example it isn’t a matter of opinion whether murder is wrong; it simply is wrong having been condemned by both the Bible and the church having a tradition of opposing it. If on the other hand he means that it’s only a matter of opinion when 2 different religions differ well he’s wrong there as well. If a faith says that Christ will return at such a date and then He doesn’t then that faith is wrong at least about that although judging by the Twitter user putting officially in quotation marks he’s a postmodernist and so thinks everything is opinion anyway so I fail to see why he’d single out religion if he cares in the slightest about being consistent (being a postmodernist he probably doesn’t). Worse yet he says there’s no small irony that fandom uses the term canon which is one shared by religion. Well the Catholic Church uses it with Canon Law but Catholicism is mostly definitely NOT a religion where it’s just opinion; some doctrines have been defined infallibly and (on very rare occasions) the Pope has spoke ex cathedra (from the chair). On Catholicism if you don’t agree with the Pope (at the very least on things like the Bible is the word of God or Christ was indeed the Son of God like he said) then you’re wrong and that’s it.

3. Automatically Thinking About Religion When There’s Division And People Acting Irrationally

Look I don’t like the amount of irrationally and division that happens between or even among religious groups but I just don’t like this stuff anyway while the new atheists seem to think it’s especially bad among religious people which it isn’t except among fundamentalist terrorists and really it’s opportunistic to lump all of a group in with its worst members; (the things I say about the new atheists in my blog posts don’t necessarily apply to the more moderate atheists but for years I thought he fanatical ones were the only kind a they were the only kind I ever saw; only reading nice comments by atheists on Fr. Mike Schmitz videos proved me wrong) it’s the behaviour of a fanatical partisan who’ll use anything that even the slightest bit looks like it might be dirt on his (the new atheists are overwhelmingly white men) opponents.

Forming tribes allows people to do together what they couldn’t have done individually but unfortunately this leads to people not liking the other tribe. Our brains evolved for survival and not for truth and so our views are treated like a position in a war; there may be better ones but people often aren’t willing to risk losing the current one and giving up the current one would in case be seen as a failing of some sort. von Falkenhayn’s calculations for Verdun may have been fine on paper but battles are won ultimately by keeping one’s nerve for longer than the enemy and not necessarily killing more of them than they kill of yours though obviously it helps. Division and idiocy even to point of having pointless arguments about minutiae are just what happens with people (just look at youtube comments although miraculously these seem to have vastly improved in the last few years). In this 13.8 billion year old universe you live for 120 years at best and with brains that have evolved for survival and not truth so the materialists of all people have no reason to think their group is smarter than anybody else. Sit down new atheists, be humble.

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Worried about Gustav

Poor People Suck

I went through the hurricane readiness briefing with my servants this morning. They discussed what possible flooding could happen in New Orleans and surrounding areas, and how badly my oil refineries and rigs in the Gulf may be damaged. On the positive side, short of completely flooding some old residential areas of New Orleans, there won’t be too much damage to anything that really matters. According to my security staff, all of my oil rigs, businesses, warehouses and factories are locked down far better than last time. There should be absolutely no looting or water damage.

Regardless of all of my preparations, I am still worried. After FEMA’s myriad failures in 2005, I don’t know if I can trust my old buddy Bush and his boys anymore. I mean, Brownie did a pretty good job protecting our factories and businesses, but as time progressed and Chertoff took over, they completely…

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The wrong type of creeping socialism

Poor People Suck

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, but now that I finally got my bonus for last year — A nice 250m — I have more time to do this “blogging” and try to stop the creeping socialism that is overcoming our nation.  Thankfully, TARP came through, otherwise I’d have no idea how I would pay my taxes for last year. I am always dependent on my Christmas bonus to pay them off.

However, my morning summary of the news included this story from the communist rag, the New York Times. It’s a overwhelming pro-poor people socialism article about how the rich don’t deserve our bonuses and such, but at least they got one quote right:

“I think President Obama painted everyone with a broad stroke,” said Brian McCaffrey, 55, a Wall Street lawyer who was on his way to see a client. “The way we pay…

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Poor People Suck (and are profitable!)

Poor People Suck

Poor people are a giant sufferance for the rich, they also are fantastically easy to get money from. While I prefer to deal with people of my own elite status and work to improve their hard lives, there are many among the elite with unnecessary liberal guilt that feel a need to waste it on these poor people who don’t seem to be able to figure things out for themselves and stop being poor. You see, I have lots of jobs in my factories around the world they can work in so they may be less poor, but they keep on striking, complaining about the fumes making them sick or the wages being too low, or losing their arm because the machines are dangerous. If they aren’t willing to move to my factories and work, why should I waste my money trying to help them out?

However, if you are…

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Poor people want the elite to be poor.

Poor People Suck

Image by beansoup_67 via Flickr

This disgusting piece of pure insanity came to pass last night, and I believe it to be final proof that this country, already so poor in every way, has fallen to the Marxists. It is the final proof that Americans don’t respect the elite or the trials and struggles we have to go through every day to ensure they all have jobs in our factories and plants. I am starting to wonder if it’s time for us elite to pack up our toys and go to greener pastures. With the government forcing us to restrict our income to a paltry $500k a year, all hell should break loose. How am I supposed to feed, clothe myself and keep a roof over my head with that infinitesimal sum of money, much less feed my many mistresses? Not that they necessarily need to be dressed, of course.

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